About – Barks First Avenue
Use code: BARKS25 for 25%off * exclusions apply
Use code: BARKS25 for 25%off * exclusions apply


Barks First Avenue
A luxury point of view on petswear.

Diversity and inclusivity are at the core of this company.
We are a brand who thrives on insuring every pet,
regardless of size, can enjoy our collections.


"My dogs mean everything to me. I'm the proud mom of 3 pitbulls and a toy poodle, ranging from 9 to 17 years old!  It has always been easy finding fun clothes for my toy poodle Jordan. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for my larger pups. This is what inspired me to create my brand. I wanted a line that  caters to pups of all sizes.

It is my goal to see pets living their best lives and looking fabulous while doing it!

"Whether it be a trip to the park, or shopping on Rodeo, Barks First Avenue will have statement pieces for your pet, that will have every head turning"

-Deana Evans, Founder & CEO